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San Fernando Senior High School

Sender: Gabriela Gonzalez
Email: gthomas.family@sbcglobal.net
Posted On: 10/13/2013
Year: 1978

Thank you, Charlotte Bonner

I am ever so grateful to Mrs. Charlotte Bonner, my high school teacher, counselor and mentor. She was such a sweetheart, she basically sent me off to a college that she thought was best suited to me at that time -- and she was right about that. Her kind and encouraging words are still in my heart. I probably never expressed my appreciation to her verbally, but I trust she was aware of the significant impact her guidance would have on my life. After many years I've decided to pursue an advanced degree, and her positive words still encourage me in grad school. I would love to re-connect with her, to tell her that I still think of her fondly, that she has positively impacted my life, and that I love her deeply.

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