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San Fernando Senior High School

Wifi and Schoology Access Information

If you have issues, see Mr. Fries before school, during break and lunch located outside of the auditorium.  At other times, stop by room 004.  If I am available, I will help solve your issues.  If I am not available, leave a note in my mailbox stating your issue with your first name, last name and birthdate.  I'll contact you ASAP
Password set up or password reset:
Use the following website:  mylogin.lausd.net
1-Click on student
2-Click on activate or reset
3-Click on small box, lower left of screen and then accept.
4-Then enter your LAUSD 10 digit student ID, birthdate (XX/XX/XXXX) and pin.
5-Password screen:
Your password must be 8 to 20 characters (numbers and letters). Enter it once in the upper box and a second time in lower box.
your password is accepted when see the check mark.
Wifi Instructions
Open settings.  Make sure wifi is on.  Select LAUSD.  Enter your user name (email) and password.  You may receive a message that states do you trust this network.  Click trust to download needed certificates.  Once a check mark appears, you are connected to LAUSD wifi.
Open connections.  Make sure wifi is on.  Select LAUSD.  Enter your user name (email) in the identitiy line, scroll down a bit and enter password.  You will see the words connecting appear until your phone is connected to the wifi. Once you receive connected, you are on the LAUSD wifi.
Schoology Instructions
Desktops:  Use any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) Enter lms.lausd.net in the URL (at the top of the browser).  The LAUSD district symbol will appear.  Enter you user name (email) and password.  You will then be connected to Schoology.
Mobile Devices:   Download the Schoology app.  Open the app.  In the search box, enter San Fernando High School.  Scroll through the list until you find:  San Fernando High 8843  lms. lausd.net.  Select that item.  The LAUSD district logo will appear.  Enter your user name (email) and password.  You will then be connected to Schoology.