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San Fernando Senior High School

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Student Portfolio

Dear San Fernando High School Students,

All students, grades 9-12, are required to complete a student portfolio.  The requirements for the portfolio are on this page.

The requirements for each grade level differ.  Therefore, please make sure to assess the requirements based on your grade level.

On this page, you will find the following:

·       ESLRs (you will need to refer to the ESLRs to complete the Tiger Pride section)

·       Portfolio Cover

·       Table of Contents

·       Portfolio Checklist (your Advisory teacher will need to approve each item of your portfolio)

·       Portfolio Rubric

·       Portfolio Artifact Reflection (you will type responses to the questions related to each assignment that you decide to include in your portfolio)

Take pride in creating your portfolio.  Include your best work as you will have opportunities to share your portfolio, such as during scholarship interviews and job interviews.  You will graduate from San Fernando High School with a work-product that showcases your hard work. 

We want you to be successful in completing your portfolio. Therefore, get the necessary help you need to complete it—your Advisory teachers, subject matter teachers, counselors and Administration are all here to assist and guide you as you complete your student portfolio.

Documents in Portable Document Format (.pdf) are intended to be printed out without being altered.
      These documents are intended to help students know what they have to complete, and how the materials have to be completed.
Documents in Rich Text Format (.rtf) and Microsoft Word Documents (.docx) are intended to be downloaded and typed into.
       These documents are intended for students to type into and save.