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San Fernando Senior High School

Graduation Requirements




A. History/Social Science

1 year World History

1 year U.S. History

B. English

4 years

C. Mathematics

3 years

D. Lab Science

1 year Biological Science (Bio, Physiology)

1 year Physical Science (Chem, Physics)

E. Language Other Than English

2 years (Must be the same language)

F. Visual & Performing Arts

1 year

G. College Prep Electives

1 year

Additional Requirements


Principles Of American Democracy (Government)

1 semester


1 semester

Physical Education

2 years


1 semester

Total Numerical Credits*

210 (Total)

Non-Course Requirements


Career Pathway


Service Learning


*Numerical credits CAN be earned with a grade of "D" or higher, however a "D" can disqualify them from 4 year college eligibility*
LAUSD graduation requirements include California Department of Education graduation standards and CSU minimum admission eligibility requirements.