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San Fernando Senior High School

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Student Responsibility Policy

The Student Responsibility Policy was created by the students, parents, staff, faculty and administration of San Fernando High School in compliance with District and State guidelines. Disciplinary action can vary depending upon individual records and the severity of the infraction.

Infraction of School Rule Possible Consequences Rationale
Irregular attendance including tardies or cuts. 1. Referral office/detention
2. Low marks/parent contact
3. Transfer to another school
Regular attendance is necessary to successfully pass all classes.
Returning from an absence and obtaining a readmit slip. 1. No readmit to classes
2. Tardiness
3. Detention
State law requires parent to verify reasons for absences in writing.
Leaving campus during the day without clearing through the attendance office. 1. Truancy issued/detention
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Truancy fine by LAPD
The school is responsible for students until they leave with parent approval.
Remaining on campus when assigned classes have ended (Work Exp., Home Study, Etc.) 1. Referral to the Dean’s office
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Suspension
This causes disturbances and hinders concentration of those still in class.
Bringing non-students as visitors to the campus. 1. Warning/Removal
2. Arrest of trespasser
State law states that nonstudents may not be on campus without permission.
Campus, or classroom disturbances or public display of affection. 1. Referral to the Dean’s office
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Suspension
Learning and concentration is hindered for others.
Possession of electronic devices such as radios, phones, games, walkman, etc. 1. Confiscated by the Dean
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Suspension
Some items are prohibited by law while others interfere with learning.
Loitering in parking lots and off-limit areas during school hours. 1. Detention
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Suspension
Areas are out-of-bound to protect property or to avoid disturbing classes.
Parking illegally in red or fire zones, blocking gates. 1. Ticket by School Police
2. Towing of car
Illegal parking creates fire, health, and safety hazards.
Using profanity. 1. Referral to office
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Suspension
Inappropriate language disrupts learning and is offensive to others.
Destroying or defacing school property or equipment/graffiti. 1. Payment or repair
2. Conference/Suspension
3. Arrest/transfer
It is against the law to vandalize public property. Parents are held liable.
Fighting verbally or physically with other students - Zero Tolerance - 1. Parent conference
2. Suspension or expulsion
3. Arrest
4. One fight results in transfer
Fighting is dangerous and may be injurious to others.
Smoking on school grounds. 1. Ticket issued by School Police
2. Possible suspension
3. Referral to IMPACT group
District and state laws prohibit smoking on any school campus.
Cheating in class/plagiarism obtaining class tests illegally. 1. Grade of Fail on test
2. Parent conference/Suspension
3. Possible Fail in Course
Cheating is a serious violation and is noted on student’s records.
Using or producing forged documents. 1. Parent contact/conference
2. Suspension
3. Possible Fail in Course
Forgery of documents is against the law and dishonest.
Conducting illegal transactions; buying or selling meal tickets or school documents. 1. Loss of privileges
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Suspension
The transactions are against the law and disrupt school programs.
Violation of school dress code policy. 1. Removal of apparel
2. Parent contact/conference
3. Suspension
Inappropriate apparel interferes with the learning and cause safety hazard.
Involvement in any criminal activity on campus or at school- sponsored event, possession or sale of any substance, use of alcohol, theft, possession of weapons – Zero Tolerance- 1. Suspension
2. Arrest
3. Transfer
4. Expulsion
The law prohibits these activities.